Shelbi Turruviate Cosmetics & Health, LLC

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Shelbi is our Nurse Practitioner who offers aesthetics and wellness at Excellence

Botox $11/unit
Dysport $4/unit
Juvaderm & Restylane dermal fillers start at $450.00
    *Shelbi will discuss your goals and choose the best dermal filler
Kybella $300/mL


Weight Loss: 

Intial Appointment $100.00
Follow-up Appointment $75.00
    *Labs may be needed for thyroid function & to bill insurance
Cash pay for labs $150.00
B12 Shots $15 each - Package of 4 $50.00
Super Skinny Shots $30 each - Package of 4 $100.00
Super Lipo B Plus $45 each - Package of 4 $150.00